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Distant dreams of HS

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July this far...
  Peligroso, Jul 04 2007

So, we're in July and it's time to update my whine blog again. I haven't been able to play as much as I had hoped to the last few days and have only got 1350 played hands so far in July. The result is crap again, -$88.

Pretty depressive graph.

Some hands: (yay quads) (another nice hand) (77 vs QQ) (KK vs JJ) (33 hit set and lost) (out-rivered vs same guy) (out-rivered vs same guy again) (QQ hit set and lost) (hit trips but up against flush)

Not really defending these hands, I know I could have saved pretty much money by not doing some of those moves on the river (but still fucking hell he was a lucky piece of shit). And yes, as you might be able to tell, it still has me slightly tilted and that's why I'm currently not playing. Think I'll go watch some High Stakes Poker and keep dreaming.

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A session in the green!
  Peligroso, Jun 30 2007

Well, I'm a bit amazed myself, but it's true. I plussed today!

613 hands and plussed an incredible $27 . The session went pretty much up and down as demonstrated below:

Reason that I stopped playing after 613 hands was basically that I needed a day of green stats for my self-confidence.


Yes, my W$SD still sucks ass, but apart from that I'm getting a good feeling of the game that I'm playing right now.

Hands: (ouch, TT, flopped trips vs flopped straight) (QQ vs AA, badly played I guess, should I have folded this pf?) (Terrible play by me, no excuses, should have folded on turn or maybe even pf) (won a nice one with 33 vs QQ) (won one with aces!) (Really sweet hand with QT tbh) (Played this hand really bad but opponent played it even worse)

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Another day in hell
  Peligroso, Jun 29 2007

Seriously... What the fuck is going on?

I did as I said before and went back to play some more hands. Played another 900 hands so a total of 1550 hands today. Todays' result? Another nightmare, -$200. 8 fucking buyins.

I really don't get it, so I started thinking, what's actually going wrong here? I looked a bit in pokertracker and found out that in the last few days (since I started blogging here), I've only won 6 pots over $20 and lost 14. In todays' session I won 3 and lost 9...

The 3 I won (listed in order of pot size):
AA vs KJ
JJ vs 66
AQ vs A8

The 9 I lost (listed in order of pot size):
AK vs AA
AK vs A2
JJ vs K9
QJ vs Q9
88 vs KK
KJ vs A2
AK vs 53
KK vs 88
A6 vs Q7

So I started out as favourite in all except 3 hands of the above. This is obviously a bad sign and a very important issue. What is it that I do that makes me lose the big pots but not able to win them? I win tons and tons of small pots (well at least I have 40+ W$WSF) but not the ones that really makes a difference.

I'm getting the feeling that it's not just bad luck anymore, cause this has been my biggest poker problem for ages and it's nowhere near evening out, if anything it's getting worse.

Anyway, some more hands:

I'll admit that I'm not proud at all of my play this session because while I do know that it's bad as a poker player to be weak and get tilted, this is definitely starting to get on my nerves very badly and I'm affraid it makes me a worse poker player. However, the main problem about big pots still remains because I have that problem when I'm playing "good" as well.


BR down at $644. Need to win $256 and, more importantly, learn how to play before I get to move up to NL50 :/

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